We believe in integrity

At OjjO, we develop innovative and creative products and services that provide digital transformation solutions. Among a plethora of services, web and mobile app development, tailor made applications, e-commerce solutions, CRM, ERP, DMS, business-to-business applications and business-to-client applications are few that we offer. Satisfied clients around the globe bear testimony to the quality of our work.

Founded in 2015 and we have registered offices in India and Singapore. OjjO is 100% founder-owned and highly profitable. OjjO's vision is to provide the best quality product, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of solutions and the best quality-price ratio found in the industry.

About OjjO

Founder story

Prabhu Dayaparamurthy, OjjO

Let me not bore you with jargon words. If you want to know about my technical skills and professional experience, please explore my LinkedIn profile.

I am one of the few blessed ones who can happily say "My profession is my passion". I love developing software which delivers value to the customers and embrace digital transformation.

Circa 2014: My life in Switzerland was nothing less than awesome. Wonderful wife, lovely boy [now boys], well paid job, good colleagues, great boss, beautiful place and friendly community. Everything was perfect but I was missing something ... I realized it's my passion which is not content.

Burning desire to date cutting / bleeding edge technologies and deliver awesome software was always there on every corner of my mind. Also I wanted to create more opportunities for like-minded folks. I decided the only way to fulfil my passion is to follow it. Against everyone's will and well prepared for the roller coaster ride, I resigned my cushy job on one fine winter day and packed my bags to India. No regrets whatsoever!

2015 - last sunny day of my life: Incorporated Margintop Technologies Private Limited in 2015 was my first step towards pursuing my passion. It's a service oriented company and we basically developed ecommerce, insurance, ERP and CRM applications for clients in India and overseas. All was well for couple of years but my passion was feeling guilty of dating new client / project every 3 - 4 months. Though occasional short term dating is a nice (l)earning option [project] but nothing like long term commitment [product].

OjjO, a product based company was incorporated in 2018 and we launched our first product Ecommerce platform. We wanted to help small and medium sized businesses to sell online using our affordable and reliable platform. We are receiving a great reception to this product and it has helped lot of businesses to create an online presence.

We launched our second product CMS platform in mid of 2020. We see a lot of business websites where owners can neither change their content nor their customers book their services. It's more like having your own car where you can neither drive nor accompany passengers or add baggage. We build this CMS platform where you can easily manage your website content as well as your services, customers and bookings.

Finally my passion is able to sense a feeling of content.

If you are reading till here, either you have succeeded in proving your patience or god has succeeded in scripting my life. Thanks to almighty!

Prabhu Dayaparamurthy

Our culture

OjjO works to create a company culture that sustains a creative, humble and independent team and encourages a healthy work-life balance. Our employees have opportunities to help small businesses grow, share their work and take time off to learn new skills. And, we’re hiring.

We believe in building a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organisation which is good for our teams, our customers and our community. We empower each other to bring unique perspectives and experiences to work and we continually seek new ways to improve and better it.